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Reconditioned Forklift
Forklifts have been a source of storage and handling systems in the warehouse, where they perform loading, stacking, distribution and horizontal transport functions. At Newcas, we offer wide variety range of reconditioned forklift available from capacity 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 1.8 ton, 2 ton and more for sale and rent as following:
Reconditioned Battery Forklift
Battery Forklifts normally used indoors where the noise and gas emissions of engine powered machines can be a problem. Battery care is paramount, which is why every battery supplied by The Newcas is independently inspected and repaired by an outside specialist, allowing us to offer 3 months battery warranty on our electric machines. Each machine is also supplied with a fully tested battery charger suitable for the size of battery fitted to the truck.  

Reconditioned Diesel Forklifts
Diesel forklifts are best suited for outdoor operations and outdoor use. Diesel forklifts are powerful and their energy is not as easily depleted. This can be significant for workplaces, improving productivity. Extra attachments that are added to a diesel forklift, like hydraulic attachments, do not negatively affect its power. It should be noted that being bigger and bulkier than most other forklifts, diesel forklifts are not easily or safely as manoeuvrable around corners and tight spots. Maintenance costs are usually higher for diesel forklifts because there are more moving parts to look after.

Reconditioned Petrol / LPG Forklifts
Petrol / LPG forklifts have long been popular due to their competitive pricing, suitability for inside and outside usage and convenience for round the clock working. LPG forklifts are also quieter to use (dB levels at the driver's ear) than diesel forklifts and their exhaust fumes are less offensive than diesel fumes. Travel speeds, rates of acceleration and lift speeds of LPG forklifts usually outperform other forklifts because of better power to weight ratios and more responsive engines. The service weight of gas forklifts is generally on the lower side less and vibration levels of LPG forklifts at the driver’s seat are lower than diesel forklifts but higher than electrics. However, whilst they are the cheapest forklifts to buy, their maintenance and fuel costs are the highest.
For more in-depth advice on our range of reconditioned forklift trucks, you can contact our experienced technical sales team on the phone.
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